About Bento Box
"Delicious and affordable American inspired Japanese food served in Bento Boxes."

Bento Box offers a wide variety of Japanese food (inspired by American cooking style and presentation. Dishes are served in westernized bento boxes where you can create your own combination of main dishes and sidings. In addition to the "East meets West" concept, Bento Box also serves authentic Japanese food for lovers of Japanese cuisine.

We set high standards in the freshness, quality and taste of our food. We also take pride in our cook-per-order policy that assures our customers of the utmost freshness of our food. We have established standard procedures for food preparation, portioning and presentation to maintain the consistency of the quality of our food.

Apart from this, a significant distinction that we consider is our edge over our competitors is our way of serving products. We only use fine China and stainless steel spoons and forks thus providing our customers with the feeling of eating in the fine dining restaurant as opposed to regular fast food places that serve their dishes in plastic or disposable plates.

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